Covet Fashion Hack/Cheat- Get Unlimited Diamonds Feb. 2018 Working

If you’re looking for a fashion related game on your Android or iOS phone, you would love Covet Fashion. You can do everything from shopping to styling your own ‘Barbie’ in the game – making it a perfect past time for girls. The whole point of the game is to dress up an woman with clothes and accessories. It’s fashion, so it appeals to the audience that is familiar with fashion design. Our Covet Fashion cheat with no survey might just help you do more – unlock everything -making your game experience a lot better.

About the Game Covet Fashion
This is a new genre of game. Your goal is to dress up a woman in different clothes and accessories to make her look the best. But it’s not that simple. The game presents you with a particular occasion. And your character’s attire must match the occasion. This is decided by a vote system. You choose the clothes and accessories from a host of side panels for each of the body part. When you are satisfied you submit your entry online. And instead of the game deciding the score for your entry, actual other people decide it for you by voting. The highest number of votes wins the entry.

It’s an indirect system, but it works very well because you know what the trend is all over the world. This is extremely useful if you use the concept in real life. But other than that the game does not offer anything of incentive. Well you can have perfect scores all around with 5 stars and be proud. But that’s about it.

However, since this is a free to play game, you must be aware that some items can only be bought with in-game currency. And the virtual currency in this game is diamonds – a woman’s best friend for life. Quite apt, considering the title and theme of this game. Anyway, you need to spend this currency to get some premium clothing items that can ramp up your score. Getting or earning these diamonds is not easy in this game.

You either need a perfect score or 5 stars, which might get ridiculously hard for the fashion impaired. Or you need to meet one of the other conditions presented by the game. There’s also cash and tickets, but diamonds can get you pretty much everything you need in this game. You can even exchange diamonds for cash and tickets. So you are not quite held down as you think you may be.

Our Covet Fashion Cheat/Hack Tool

Even though this may be a great game from the outside, it suffers from the same problem that other ‘freemium’ games have in common. You have to pay real money to get virtual currency to enjoy the full content of this game unhindered. It’s okay for small things and miniscule amounts of money that you can afford. In this way, you can show your support to the developers, so that they can bring you even more entertaining games in the future or update the existing game to be more entertaining with new content.

Now wouldn’t it be cool to access all that content without spending your hard earned cash? Of course, it would. This is why we bring you a great tool. Using this tool, you can get any amount of diamonds that you want. Yes, that is correct. This tool will give you an (almost) unlimited amount of diamonds so that you can unlock everything in the game. And there is no survey to worry about.

How and why should I use this Covet Fashion Cheat?

Diamonds in this game is the gateway to everything. Without diamonds you may not get high score ever. Even if you decide to use diamonds, the earning process is very boring and repetitive. The number of diamonds earned this way is also very low, so you have to keep thinking about the best way to spend them. A game is meant to be fun, not a brain exercise in economics. And this tactic takes all the fun away from the game. You are stuck with a slow crawl in progression.

Using our hack, you can get these diamonds once and for all. You can literally unlock everything and try it out on your favorite character. You can submit another entry with a quick combination of unlocked items and start again!

Benefits of Using This Cheat Tool

Our cheat system is very smart. Developed by our team, this system adds diamonds in your account directly. That’s right! No need to download third party apk files, no survey, no editing, rooting or jailbreak. And it works with both iPhone and Android.

So what are you waiting for? Check this hack out and enjoy Covet Fashion!

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