Marvel Puzzle Quest Hack Tool/Cheats- iOS, Android, Facebook Feb. 2018

Welcome to our Marvel Puzzle Quest Hack Tool! For anyone familiar with the Marvel Universe, this game should be an instant hit. From the days of FaceBook when the Marvel Avenger’s Alliance used to be a massive hit among the players, this game comes as a refreshing surprise. You can play it for free on IOS, Android, Facebook and Steam.

It’s one of those puzzle games that is sure to make you rack your brains, and with our puzzle quest cheats, you can just do a lot more than you think possible!

About the game
Marvel Puzzle Quest takes place in the Marvel Universe during the events of ‘The Pulse’ when ISO-8 or Isotope 8 rained down on earth and made the heroes and villains even more super and powerful. Nefarious organizations from all over the world try to take it for themselves to push their evil agenda, while S.H.I.E.L.D, headed by Nick Fury does its best in trying to prevent that. The game follows its tried and tested story format, with characters progressing the plot via ‘speech bubbles’.

This game is unique in its own way. Combining genres is not a new thing in games, and we have seen quite a few developers do that. But this one does it better. It combines the match-3 game and ties it into the moves that your superheroes can perform. The more powerful your tile and color combinations, the more powerful your superhero attacks will be. They will perform various supermoves that can do lots of damage to the enemy or buff and debuff people depending on their capabilities.

But there’s more! You actually play against an AI in this match-3 game by taking turns. And the AI learns how you play to ‘evolve’. So don’t expect the same dumb moves and devise a common strategy for all levels. You are kept on your toes at every turn.

And that’s not the end of it either. You can level up your heroes and recruit new ones as well. For players familiar with MAA, the in-game currencies will be instantly recognizable. You get ISO-8 to level up your characters and Command Points to get those legendary heroes to join your side. And then there are the Hero Points which can get your shields, health packs and other similar items.

Unfortunately, these aren’t free. Well, they are, sort of. But not exactly. You see, you can earn these currencies in various ways in the game through rewards, but the amount you get is not enough to progress quickly and build a super-powerful team overnight. You need to grind your way and make hard choices. And you may not get what you want in the end after all that time lost. So how do you make it easier to get up to the top without spending money?

Our Marvel Puzzle Quest Cheats Program

You just make use of our neat little trick to get all the ISO-8, Shields, Health Packs, Command Points as well as Hero Points you want. Our tool can provide you all of that, without spending any money. You don’t have to download anything. You also need not modify your devices. This tool works regardless of the platform you play on. And no surveys need to be completed.

You just access our hack and get unlimited amount of resources for your spending. The hack is anti detection and sends the required points directly to your account. You do not need to download apks for your android or iOS devices. It even works on the FB version as well. Our developers have made it unique and very simple to use.

How Will Our Marvel Puzzle Quest Cheats/Hack Helps You Improve Your Gaming Experience?

With our hack, you can get any number of hero points to increase your roster size. Unlimited command points will make recruiting legendary heroes a breeze. You can get all the shields and health packs you want and roast the PvP tournaments. Unlimited supply of ISO-8 will ensure supped up heroes and allow you to purchase all the comic packs you want from the store and bypass the boring, repetitive grind.

This hack makes use of encrypted packets. This way, nobody can snoop in on your transaction for detection purposes. The entire process just requires you to enter your details correctly. Once you have done that, our tool does all the work for you.

The only resource you not available in this hack is the combat boosts. It was made for Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign, but there have been reports of it not working. So it has now been left out until our developers figure it out.

Still, this is more than enough to enjoy the game. So go ahead and make it to the top of the leaderboards with this cheat!

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