Paradise Bay Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Hacks- No Survey Feb. 2018

Are you addicted to Paradise Bay? Do you find the timers on this game too much? Paradise Bay, one of the more popular games on Android and the iOS, offers plenty for all gamers. While you could spend hours on the game any day, what if you could do a bit more to edge past your competitors? Looking for ways to skip the boring timers? Then you have arrived at the correct place. Here we provide you with the best paradise bay cheats.

The Game

Paradise Bay is a nice little game, in which you are in charge of developing a tropical island. The cute graphics and nice animations make this game very attractive. Plus, the various production chains and trading makes this game a lot of fun. You can build farms, mines, and camps to harvest a lot of resources. Then you can add buildings to convert those raw products into crafted goods. The amazing trading system allows you to interact with other players adding a new level of gameplay to the already existing one.

You can find cool animals on the island and nurture them. Trying to find them all is a nice quest.

There are a lot of options to customize your island too. And you can expand your territory to build even more buildings. The game is available to play on iPhone, iPad and Android as well.
All in all, this game features a lot of things to do to while away your time. It is free to play, which is great. You do not need to spend any money to enjoy this game. But the developers need income from it for their hard work. So they introduced timed progress in this game. This means that you have to wait for some time to get some tasks done. This is fine for low level tasks, but as you progress, you have to wait for hours or days.

With our cheats and game tips, you will be able to bypass some of the timers and speed up your progress.

Our Online Paradise Bay Hack Tool

To skip the timers, you need gems. Gems can be bought in the online store by paying real money. But why spend your hard-earned cash on this virtual currency? With our hack, you can skip this process and get all the gems you need in one place – directly in your account. And all without paying a single penny.

What is the best part about our online hacking tool?

It’s free, it’s 100% safe and it can not be detected by the game as a cheat tool. Our hack is free from viruses and malware. It is better than other paid tools out there. Plus, you do not have to complete surveys to access this tool.

Downloading hacked apks for your iOS and Android is also not necessary. On top of that, you do not need to root your device or jailbreak anything. No need for cheat codes either.

How and why do I use this hack?

If you do not like waiting for the game to do stuff for you, then you should use this hack. It will definitely make your game much enjoyable. The good news is, that our developers have made this little tool impossible to detect by the game servers. You will get all your resources from the server itself.
And you can keep using this cheat for any amount of time.

Something worth mentioning

We know playing the game is a lot of fun. Here we give you a selection of tips and tricks to progress your game faster without spending gems or hacking the resources.

  • The developers have added a 30 second buffer to all the timers. When any of the timer reaches 30 seconds or below, just click on ‘Speed Up’ and your task will be finished instantly.
  • Collect treasure chests. They contain resources or a variety of handy items to upgrade your camp.
  • Achievement system – If you are short on gems, check the achievement feature. Every achievement has a target that can be completed to get the set amount of gems.
  • Increase your slots for the Wesley’s Export Shop. You can keep selling your resources here. The local islanders will buy your goods in 24 hours even of other players don’t, so your coins will increase anyway.
  • To do that, keep producing your goods and raw materials consistently. Optimize your buildings for constant harvest and production.
  • Check of the ‘Time Lapse’ cheat works. You can adjust the time of your device and ‘move the game forward’ to quickly pass ‘in-game’ time. There may be a patch for this, but it is worth a try.

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